About Me

prof pic.PNGTo save you the trouble, if you want to read about my political beliefs, you can find them here.

This part is easily the one many people dread the most. I am probably able to rant and argue about most subjects, but I find myself lost when I’m asked to write about myself. After several re-writes of this page (several of which read quite similar to a translation of a Form 2 French essay ‘Describe Yourself’), I decided to turn to people’s opinions. The results are varying, and humourous.

Amidst the several insinuations that I have a sharp tongue, tend to be a bit of an arsehole, and can be very annoying; I found some descriptions that I find eerily accurate. One of my closest, bluntest friends described me as “fat and savage with a side of no chill”, and added that I’m a “fervent hater of socialism”. A dearer person compared me to a Lindt chocolate (brown?), hard and refined on the outside, but soft on the inside.

In truth, I started this online journal, so to speak, because several websites I courted to publish me deemed me too opinionated. So while I thank them for encouraging me to head out alone, here’s to the many rants that will ensue.

(I’m the one in the middle.)