Why Malta Won’t Work


After watching one of the sessions in which local Ministers faced MEPs, I am utterly disgusted. Our delegates seem to have made a habit out of the phrase ‘smallest Member State’. One of our MEPs even went so far as to say that  people die in the Mediterranean (implying Malta) because they can’t switch on their ACs in summer. If you took the people representing us up on their word, you’d believe we’re a third world country.

What utter rubbish. How do we expect to move forward as a country if we insist on belittling ourselves in front of larger countries in order to gain their empathy? It is shameful considering what our country has achieved. In 53 years we have achieved what other countries haven’t in hundreds. We are a stable (and ever growing) economy and business hub, we have free healthcare and schooling, and even give money to students for putting their bums on seats for 20 hours a week.

We will never excel with this mentality. The EP couldn’t give a rat’s bottom about us being the smallest country. They know that already. What they want to know is what we can bring to the table, because we’ve certainly been taking. Shut down this ignorant mentality in which we belittle ourselves in order to look endearing and be doted upon. Let us believe that we are able to bring something to the EU, and not only be helped by it. Looking cute doesn’t cut it when you’re leading the EU.

We know that we’re the smallest Member State. Now, dear Ministers, what can you do with our resources?


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