Could Brexit Be Avoided?

Short answer: Yes, technically. The Supreme Court is to decide if the British government 239266c400000578-2853011-amusing_theresa_may_pulled_faces_to_amuse_a_police_officer-89_1417190867961has the authority to invoke Article 50 without an Act of Parliament. Naturally, May wants the Supreme Court to rule in her favour, so she can proceed with the negotiations. This being said, there need be the uprooting of The European Communities Act, 1972. Repealing legislation is not in the government’s authority, but parliament’s.

The Supreme Court is expected to rule against the government, following on a previous High Court ruling. Though the bill may reach British MPs, it is uncertain of how they will vote. Since even most activists campaigning against Brexit have somewhat accepted the defeat, one may never be sure of which way the vote will go.

Though on paper Brexit may be avoided, May seems to have the votes needed for the bill to pass in the House of Commons, and it is highly doubted that the House of Lords will vote it down alone. Even if May does not get her way with the Court’s ruling, she will most likely still be able to invoke


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