Welcome to the Trump Administration!

It’s only been three days since a premium-class idiot has been inaugurated as the 45th President of what once the great United States of America, and yet, he’s already shown the world what he’s capable of. The guy promotes racism, bigotry and extreme nationalism; he has such a limited vocabulary that French translators have had a hard time doing their jobs. Yes, you guessed it.

Everyone knows the Donald by now. He’s an American Business man – with the need to treat his people like he does his taxes, by evading them completely.

So far, not so good. It looks like 2017 has not been off to a great start for the American race. First day of being president, he exposes his child-like demeanour via his press-secretary (you showed ’em, Donald!).  The media was under-fire for warping the crowd at his inauguration.He’s pertained to his manifesto (I’ll give him kudos for not being another lying politician). But then again, the popular vote did not agree with most of his beliefs. Essentially, this is what the Americans wanted; a leader to represent their blind hatred and pettiness (cue Green Day’s American Idiot).

Just today, Monday 23rd January, he signed off on agreements to rid America of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and later on, froze federal hiring. His office is majorly made up of white-males, and yet, their sage-like understandings astound me. The U.S. Cabinet has not seen such a setting since Reagan’s presidency.

He signed off on an anti-abortion executive order next. He gets women’s reproductive rights so well, doesn’t he? Trump reinstated what is known as the Mexico City policy. That is, the U.S. is now prohibited from donating to non-governmental overseas organisations aimed at giving advice on family planning and safe reproductive choices, mainly located in third-world countries.

And today, it was announced that he will carry on with the Dakota Access Pipeline’s construction. It’s a predictable move from Trump, the man who believes that climate-change is a hoax and, ultimately, dismisses scientific facts. He opines that the U.S should focus on maximising the use and allocation of its natural resources. Is he aware of the consequences? His project completely overlooks the environment; this action of his, is not going to help global perception on America’s huge carbon-footprint contribution. Nevertheless, the land is not so far off from the home of one of the last remaining Native American tribes.

Actions such as these are surely about to earn him favour with the international community, especially if wild disregard of the environment (re: Trump’s campaign) continues to be put forth. Then again who needs friends when you have Russia sucking up to you? Surely, that relationship is not troublesome at all.

Hear that, everyone? It’s America becoming great again.

Isn’t it befitting of a country which was once a global super-power to choose such a wonderful method of self-detonation?


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