UPDATED: Top Trump-ed

[23.01.2017 – 09:36] UPDATE: Trump’s team insists on fighting off the media rather than handle the real problems. His Press Secretary also seems to have not been truthful in his statements, something one of Trump’s aides brushed off as ‘alternative facts’

The orange puffer fish is officially the president of the US. Though this will need getting used to, I still believe that the people protesting in the streets are a bit…delusional so to speak. It’s a fact that democracy has failed many times, but one must accept the outcome. Certain people said that it was wrong to rule Trump out as a bad president without giving him an opportunity to prove himself, which seemed sensible, till he got into the Oval Office.

Many would argue that his inauguration was a foreshadowing of the four years to follow. I am yet to decide what the most entertaining part of it was, Three Doors Down playing All Star with Trump singing along, his awkward shuffle of a first dance, or part of his speech being a quasi-identical copy of what Bane said in Batman. Trump also insists on making Melania ‘say a few words’ when she can barely ask for directions in eloquent English.

Now putting this comedy of an inauguration aside, Trump has managed to exceed expectations in his first days as president, and not in a good way. His first executive order was to seek the repeal of Obamacare, taking away affordable healthcare from many citizens. Also, within mere hours of the beginning of his presidency, the White House website bears no mention of climate change. Many wonder what’s next, and if it could be LGBT rights, due to Mike Pence’s anti-LGBT sentiment.

This being said, the amount of things people are willing to gobble up from the media without fact checking is phenomenal. Rumors have been spread (and I have witnessed SJW  sharing this seriously) that Trump copied his speech from Bee Movie. Media also falsely reported the amount of people who attended the Trump inauguration in comparison with Obama’s, by using misleading photos.

Now though I do agree that the media is misleading and manipulative, it is one thing that can not be changed easily. The media prosper with click-bait articles, rather than factual ones. Trump of all people, should know this, but instead he sends his Press Secretary to lash out at the media for lying, and goes into a pissing contest with Obama in a typical ‘my willy is bigger than yours’ scenario. One of the most powerful leaders of the world is a cry baby. One can only hope that he does not manage to wreak havoc in these four years. God bless America.

Disclaimer: I am not a left-liberal.  I mock Trump and dislike him because he is a privileged bigot with a silver spoon up his orange arse. Guess who’s about to be mentioned in the Press Secretary’s next release. This guy.



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