No Babies Were Harmed in the Making of This Post

Disclaimer: This is not a political post.

Whilst the Gift of Life is currently waving their panties around for Dr Josie’s recent statement that his private hospitals will indeed not be stocking the Morning After Pill, the other half of the country questions whether or not the older generations have the capability to understand contemporary female needs. It is also imperative to note that Gift of Life has a hidden political agenda. It is feeding its followers propaganda.

The comments I have unfortunately taken the time to read on their Facebook page, essentially revealed how many of these people have no idea what they’re talking about. I have no problem with religion, or the religious. But poor be the individual who spews ignorance and impeaches on an another’s human rights, especially if their opinion was inspired by a priest during Sunday mass. As Albert has stated in his previous article, I do not think that Dr Josie Muscat should have an opinion on the matter. After all, the man did say that a woman’s exposure to domestic violence is her fault and is by default deserving of it. His followers, nevertheless, follow in his footsteps and revel in shaming the woman in favour of the MAP; ‘she’s only doing it to be the subject of a man’s desire’, ‘she will not know what it means to hold a baby in her arms’, ‘she does not know how to appreciate God’s gifts’. One person in particular stood out from the rest – he opines that a woman should not have the sole authority to make a decision, the male ‘helped’ to make the child after all . Why is it that we choose to be lazy and believe ad verbatim what the bigoted people in society tell us without questioning it?

Such a mentality in Western countries, I’m afraid, might have been acceptable before the 20th Century, but the situation is quite different nowadays. I don’t know whether or not these people have gotten the memo, but women are no longer the property of men (and has been the case for a while now). A sensible reaction would have been to politely tell them that the higher principles they believe in are bollocks. In a frenzy of disbelief of laughter, I took it upon myself to research whether or not the MAP is indeed abortive, before engaging in a battle with these very ‘special’ individuals.

Within five minutes (praise be Google) I learnt that the MAP is indeed not abortive. If taken within five days of sexual intercourse it will hinder the release of an ovule from the woman’s ovary which would, ultimately, prevent fertilisation completely. Once fertilisation has occurred, then sure, argue all you want about how the embryo is a life in its own. In this case, that is, implantation of the embryo in the womb would have never happened. No babies were killed in the making. Now, to be fair, an abortive pill does exist. But it is not the one Malta has introduced. The MAP reduces the risk of pregnancy. It in no way terminates pregnancy once it has occurred.


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