Theresa May-Day

Yes, I can do foreign politics too. Theresa May, on the other hand, seems not to be able to do politics at all. With her best buddy, and Chief of Staff, God, helping her out, May has announced the UK will leave the single market.

To be fair, most of us did have pretty low expectations after she announced Boris Johnson (the other funny hair having fat blonde) as her Minister of Foreign Affairs. Initially, many thought that May would be the next Thatcher, the unyielding woman who led her country through hard times. Nope.

Theresa May wants her cake and she wants to eat it too. Though she wants to be completely segregated from the EU, she also wants free trade with the single market she so desperately wants to leave. Even Corbyn’s Labour party, who are now in favour of leaving warned her of “enormous damages” from this move.

Theresa May then takes a page out of Simon’s book and chides the EU. Of course, EU bigwigs have made it clear that the UK cannot pick and choose the parts of EU membership which they want to keep.

Both the LibDem leader and Scottish First Minister have opposed the exit from the single market. Meanwhile the UKIP leader (who is it this week?) obviously condoned it. Theresa seems to have lost her way, and is making Brexit more catastrophic than it even should be.


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