The Malta Philarmonic Fracas-tra

Blatant nepotism is a hallmark of this government, be it Minister Helena Dalli hosting interviews at her Sunday lunch, or an 18-year-old becoming the director of a government company with no prior experience.

What with the barby the MEPs are having over his grilling, Owen Bonnici has already had a busy week. To add onto this, we find out that he has made his girlfriend a member of the board of the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra. In his defense, Bonnici did say that she was appointed before they started seeing each other, which turned out to be a blatant lie.

Now while both camps will argue that the other is corrupt (oh no!). and a small amount of corruption does indeed go hand in hand with politics, this is too in-your-face. I do understand that human sentiment corrupts the judgement of some, and that politicians are human. I also do accept nepotism in the private sector, it’s their money, let them do what they want. What I fail to accept, is that a Labour journalist, propagandist, and somewhat of an indirect spokesperson gets a job on a board, the function of which she knows nothing about.

What does also bother me is that she uses the people’s tax money to be driven around in the Minister’s car. Now, people will probably call me one-sided, but bear in mind, I have only started following and experiencing politics so avidly in the past five years, and therefore I can only comment about the actions of this government. Do I condemn any nepotism by the PN? Of course I do, though I am not as familiar with it to write about it, I still do not believe it just.

Which brings me down to the point of this article. No, it wasn’t to name-and-shame Owen Bonnici. Major news-portals have taken care of that, and anyone with the smallest amount of logic at hand would have realised that this is wrong. In Malta, due to many factors including our tight-knit families, and small population, we live under a plague of nepotism. People get hired because they are daddy’s-business partner’s-cousin’s-dog walker, or even better yet, because they have a fancy or double-barreled surname.

Because of this, Maltese politics has been tainted with blatant nepotism and cronyism. Though it has come from both political parties, one can not fail to notice the in-your-face factor this government has. We need to change this disgusting system, if we want people to regain confidence and trust in our politicians.


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