The Sunday Review | Week I

09.01.2017 – 15.01.2017

An Introduction to The Sunday Review

My intention for this blog has always been devoted to offering my opinion on current affairs. As my time is limited what with university, and other obligations, I can only write a limited number of articles about current affairs. To remedy the possibility of any noteworthy happenings being missed, this weekly segment is being initiated.

In The Sunday Review, I shall be commenting and opining on the week’s events, posting at 18.30, every Sunday (bet you figured that one out yourselves). I do encourage you to subscribe for email notifications (follow button in the bottom right corner), and I thank you for the phenomenal feedback, positive and negative, that I have been receiving.

Now, for this week. With so many events occurring this week, it is an impossible task to give a day-by-day list of articles. Instead, the main topics of conversation throughout the week will be used for categorisation.

Konrad Mizzi

It has been a very busy week for Konrad Mizzi, what with Simon Busuttil’s every third word being ‘corruption’. Konrad Mizzi was further thrust into the limelight when he was chosen to chair the EU Energy Council. This obviously led to several questions being posed to the Minister-Without-Portfolio-But-Still-Takes-Care-Of-His-Portfolio, which he dealt with by refusing to answer. Refer to here, and here. Oh, and lo and behold, Panama are not cooperating with tax authorities.

Malta’s EU Presidency

I’ve commented about this quite a lot, be it Joseph falling victim to Juncker’s banter, or Simon throwing mud at the European Commission. Also, Muscat’s comments on migration during a speech on Wednesday were described as ‘worrying’. I can’t particularly say that, politically at least, this presidency is off to a great start. One can only hope that things get better, and that local politicians will not let personal agendas to affect this opportunity.

Salvu Mallia

An audible sigh is now the common response to Salvu Mallia, and his more than audible comments. Initially, I must say I was impressed by Salvu for his outspokenness, but things took a turn for the worse, and all the merits of his argument now lie in ridicule. The PN has also been playing hopscotch with their opinions on the matter, initially condemning Salvu and appealing to Gift of Life, and then claiming that he speaks from his heart.

Other Happenings

Other, uncategorised happenings have found their way into this section. For example, Josie Muscat’s refusal to sell the MAP, which Albert Galea wrote a spectacular article about. And after much lamentation, finally, measures are being taken by parliament to impose stricter laws on drivers, after several unfortunate events.

Simon, addressing an event today, continues his tit-for-tat battle with the MLP, and insists on punctuating with the word ‘corruption’. Party delegates also seem to have made a hobby out of suing each other. On a brighter note, the Church has taken a leap forward (and exceeded my personal expectations) by accepting the divorced, and re-married back in their ranks. On a great note for the Government, the Kappara Junction works are forty per cent ready, and the ridiculous number of ‘persons of trust’ has decreased.

It has been a jam-packed week in which the following for this blog has exploded. On a lighter note, I sincerely thank the thousands of people who have read this blog, and do hope that the content keeps intriguing you. I never expected this level of feedback. Thank you.




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