Special Snowflake Syndrome

8e63caec5098ca9d52610b224f3eb8bbbb94a37984b0af01fc1db3a2de4ebb94They believe themselves to be pioneers in the safeguarding of our precious planet; they’re environmentalists, human-right activists, feminists and vigorous protectors of animal rights. Anything with “ist” as its suffix and they’re it. They roam amongst us as kindred spirits. They bear all the conventional bourgeoisie traits — an average sense of style achieved by consumption in contemporary popular brands, a comfortable social and financial position and of course, a groomed, well-kept persona. Did I mention that they’re also probably vegans or vegetarians?

DISCLAIMER: do not ask them about their political beliefs for; they’ve been to the best schools and have embarked on the most enlightening of travels. They’re spiritually and morally superior than you will ever be. They’re the epitome of open-minded, worldly human-beings who are at peace with the world. Their chakras are all aligned. They’ve probably got some inspirational tattoo somewhere. They’re always sending you links with lists of corporations who exploit animals and humans alike. They’re always telling you which brands are bad. And when they’re done, there’s literally no one company left. And if you argue, you’re ‘promoting immoral activity’.

Which leaves me to question whether I am either a) a bad person, or b) a realist.
Are all big-shot companies capitalist pigs?

You hear endless sermons about how about how “capitalism is the evil of humanity”, how “people in third-world labour markets are exploited by big corporations” and how they “test on animals and disregard the safeguard of animal lives”. Such capitalist pigs, am I right? It’s a given that all statements have a partial element of truth in them. Hysteria does not create itself. Of course it’s true — enterprises are time and time again proven guilty of greed — they disregard labour safety values, prohibit the flourishing of human rights; all of this to reduce the cost of production.

Well-known brands, like L’Oréal, do test on animals, yes. Nonetheless, I believe that all life is sacred — but I also believe in the Aristotelian principle of a life having the potential to grow into its purpose. To simplify; each and every life on this planet has to serve a purpose to establish its validity. (refer to Nietzsche’s sklavenmorale)

This brings me to my understanding of why animal-testing is not completely ‘evil’ and ‘value-less’. It is imperative to note that most of the animals tested on are rats or mice. These are commonly referred to as ‘vermin’ — their purpose is literally to spread disease. If found in a household, most people will call their local exterminator and have them removed (yet, scientists are the immoral ones). If I told people like my mother, who mind you is fatally afraid of both, that their life is precious and vital — she’d either question my sanity, or disown me as her daughter. Nonetheless, most scientists (i.e. testers) within their rational capacity to practice their trade, know the LD50 subscription limits test-subjects can withstand. As regards to animal testing, even rats and mice are somewhat respected. I can write a thesis of how contradictory humanity is on animal-rights. But I won’t.

What of environmentalism and human-rights? If they’re not stark-naked, then most of what they say is contradictory to what they actually do. It’s the classic ‘practice what you preach’ scenario. More over, most of their information relies on sources such as “The Anti-Media” or “The Free Thought Project”. Probably, they’ve questioned whether or not Global Warming is a hoax created by big corporations, or by the government (gasp!). Yet, if you’re brave enough to ask them for a reference, you’ll watch them scramble for their iPhone or Samsung to help ‘better inform you’. I’ve time and time again been asked to “shut up” because I’m “blinded by capitalism”. There goes my fundamental right of freedom of speech.

Outsourcing is actually beneficial to people in third-world countries — their labour markets are positively effected, their  level of skill and knowledge are augmented. Like every negative, there’s it’s positive counterpart. We, and I use ‘we’ because it’s not just a special-snowflake attribute, often ignore that.

In conclusion, Aqtaghli. You’re not impressing anyone. We all respect your decision to fight so fervently for the rights of those around you, but please, PLEASE, take a good hard look at the mirror once in a while — don’t add insult to injury by actually acting like you can relate to those affected by exploitation. It’s disrespectful.


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