Let’s Talk Politics

After several accusations, and even being compared to DCG (not sure if I’m flattered?) I thought it was time to clarify my political views, and to attempt to avoid further misconceptions. Do I love politics? It’s the most beautiful art there is. Do I love Maltese politics? Nope. Do I have an opinion about everything? You bet I do.

After my latest article, I have received a considerable amount of stick from a number of people. (I hope this shoutout makes you like me more). I think people have got it the wrong way round about how and why I write. I write here because I’m most likely too opinionated to have my thoughts posted elsewhere, it is the very reason I started this to be fair. When I write, though usually with a serious notion in mind, I write with a certain lightheartedness and never do I expect to be taken so seriously. This is, after all, a blog in which I have written about a cat. I write because I want to, without any political agenda.

Now to clarify my personal political opinion. I affiliate with the right wing, but also keep a liberal frame of mind. I do not expect people to have the same opinion as me, and I do cherish debate when they don’t. Do I affiliate with any party on the island? No, I have openly, and publicly criticised both parties. Here‘s a piece about what a botch job Simon is doing, with another in the pipeline about how he managed to piss off the President of the EC while trying to throw mud at Joseph.

Maltese politics (as it has been for the past 40 years) lost its roots. We are no longer opinionated in politics, but in colour, with people bouncing from one political party to another and forgetting their values. Both political parties in Malta have lost their way, and I will continue to criticise them both until a major reform happens. I have been also told to appreciate what has taken place in Malta and promote it. I am proud of my country, and I am proud of its achievements, but I refuse to hold back criticism. Through criticism one improves, and if you sincerely believe that you love your country, you need to criticise it.

Has the EU presidency created many job opportunities? Yes, but we were going to get it under Labour or PN so it is foolish to attribute its results to ANY party. What we can attribute is how Maltese parties are allowing their political agendas to trudge Malta’s name through the mud.

It appears that political criticism is now ‘hate speech’. I am truly sorry if I offend anyone, but my opinion will be published. I will criticise every person to form part of this sham that they have made out of Maltese politics. We have degraded to a level of sensitivity that not even a Politically Exposed Person may face lighthearted criticism now. Spiccajna.


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