Joseph Muscat’s European Adventure

Joseph Muscat, Malta’s favourite ginger, is a man of many opinions about the same subject. He is known to be an avid opportunist, varying his opinions to play the right tune. The subject at matter is the EU, and the irony that after his endless criticism of the Union, he not only became an MEP, but is also the Maltese PM during our country’s EU presidency.

muscat_eu-referendum-2003_how-you-should-voteBack in 2003, many of us remember a goatee-wielding Muscat championing the No vote in the EU referendum. If any of you don’t remember this election, here’s Labour’s propaganda at the time (dubbed by Alfred Sant as an ‘MLP Golden Oldie’). Muscat even went as far as to tell the electoral body to vote no, abstain, or invalidate their vote. That obviously won’t bite him in the arse.


Lo and behold, Labour lost, and Malta became an EU member in 2004. Joseph, being the ingenious man he is, hurried to contest for the MEP elections, and being Labour’s blue eyed boy, he was elected. This obviously meant that he was to work with the people he had thrown dung at over the previous year. Awkward.



Joseph spent four years as an MEP, where he managed to cause a scene when he found out
that he was to deliver a speech in English (a language he is considerably less apt at than Maltese). Becoming his party’s Leader in 2008, after his mentor Alfred Sant retired, one of his first jobs was taking care of the MEP elections in 2009. He did this by taking this photo with what seems to be Pandora’s Box. I would love to know who thought this was a good idea.

The last stage of Joseph’s EU Extravaganza is Malta’s EU presidency. This was already put under a penumbra with one of Joseph’s best buddies being mentioned in the Panama Papers. With this in mind, Joseph made sure to go toe to toe with the President of the European Commission. He lost. Joseph is truly a comical being, and I can’t wait to see how he’ll manage to cock up these six months. Regardless of the time difference in the GIFs below, he’s equally confused in both.



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