Peppi’s Problems

It is very common knowledge that Xarabank has lost its way. From a talkshow which discussed subjects which matter, they now boast having spent an afternoon researching the shagging habits of the Maltese. I have come to accept the mediocrity of Maltese television, and media in general, but what I fail to accept is deliberate misinformation.

In an article by Xarabank, wrong information was handed out deliberately to the gullible Maltese public. Xarabank claim to have acquired legal advice from a Dr. Kathleen Grima. Now while I am sure that Dr. Grima gave the standard advice that any lawyer would, I am equally sure that Xarabank willfully misinterpreted it in order to spark controversy and engage viewers.

While Xarabank did accurately describe self-defense laws in normal circumstances, they seem to have overlooked the fact that these change in the case of burglary. Xarabank seem to have forgone any due diligence, and did not even bother to look at the Criminal Code.


Reference should be made to Art. 224(a) and Art. 224 (b), which states that even if someone is attempting to break in at night time (one is more likely to panic), reasonable action can be taken. So if these laws are followed, unlike Xarabank stated, you are exempt from prosecution.


Meanwhile, here are the comments of the outraged, misinformed public when asked if they believe they should have the right to defend themselves against intruders.


It is shameful how the media deliberately misinforms the public, and if I were the genius behind the Xarabank blog, I’d pull it down before further embarrassment. Don’t believe everything you see on the internet, kids!


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