Simon Says

Simon says [insert what conservative pressure groups want here]. A couple of days late, I finally found time to comment on Simon’s latest screw up. The hail-Mary Salvu Mallia tactic has more than blown up in poor Simon’s face. Simon is a lovely guy, he truly is, but he is not cut out to be making such decisions. Under the pressure put over him by both his party, and opposing parties, Simon released the most harrowing of statements.

It is easy to see why Simon did this. He’s panicking. In the last election, the PN suffered a horrific defeat, and since yet, they seem to have only been able to retain the votes of the conservative spectrum. Knowing that the majority of hardcore PN supporters are conservative, he issued this ultimatum, stating that there will be no change under his leadership.

Though this may have been a very great idea back in the 70s and 80s, Simon has made a botch job of this situation. First of all, Simon made no distinction between abortion and euthanasia. While abortion is a touchy subject for most of people, the same can’t be said about euthanasia. Euthanasia is a ‘victim-less crime’ (so to speak) not even a crime in my opinion. Simon saying that the government under him would still have full control over a person’s right to a dignified death has sent younger voters running off.

Speaking of youth votes, though through this statement Simon has indeed probably retained the vote on the older side of the spectrum, he has lost many youth votes. This means that his statement is only at best a short-term strategy. Though it may help his polling through this year, in the 2023 election, the voter mentality would be as a whole younger, which would lead to blunders like this being looked down upon.

Because of Muscat’s endless array of corruption, and anti-meritocratic behaviour, Simon had a huge opening towards the youth vote, but he never seems to learn. After missing his window of opportunity with Panama Papers, Simon is again left clutching for straw. I really do try to like Simon, but I never find myself able to sympathise with politicians who dance around voters trying to please everyone. Simon is unfortunately far from the strategist that political leaders need to be, though a brilliant man. Although a great person, Simon is not a leader, and the PN need to start finding a new leader as soon as possible.


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