Isthi Salvinu

I’m pretty sure that by now we’ve all been made aware in one way or another of Salvu Mallia’s comments regarding euthanasia and abortion. If not, articles about it can be found here, and here. Now while I try to keep my opinions on the matters private, it is quite an interesting subject to discuss. The amount of grief this Hail-Mary-Pass-Candidate on the PN’s bill is getting is quite extraordinary.

Though brash, his comments do make sense. He states that MPs should not hold sway over one’s life, and should allow one the ability to pass away with dignity. Now regardless of his comments, and one’s agreement or disagreement, what intrigued me the most was the feedback from the Maltese people. It is an open secret that although we’re lovely to tourists, we’re also a very bigoted and xenophobic nation, but this is on a whole other level.

He has been called several names, and all this because he went against the norm, which is a very conservative mentality. In later comments, Salvu stated that he never opined to be in favour of the matters, but merely in favour of education. It is amazing what our society will do to someone who is willing to voice a liberal thought. We beat them down and call them names until they conform, and having a liberal opinion makes you crazy, or wrong by default.

Though in no way do I affiliate with Salvu Mallia or his party, I do believe that his brashness is needed. Politicians nowadays are demagogic idiots who pussyfoot around matters and use PRs to soothe the people. Not one political party in Malta (as with most of the world) sticks to its roots with a ‘Socialist Democrat’ party acting like a capitalist, and with ‘Christian Democrats’ (a dead ideology as is) attempting to be liberal. Long gone are the days of statesmen like Winston Churchill who voiced their true opinion, regardless of the polling.

A brash, liberal, outspoken politician is needed to restore politics to its true roots and beauty, not the child’s game that it is today. Politics has become a bi-partisan farce, with politicians themselves forgetting the true essence of politics. Time for change.




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