Common Room: Day 2

I’m successfully temporarily putting off starting to study again by writing this. So after my first fourteen-hour-coffee-fueled-head-thumping-study-extravaganza (check Twitter for updates) the tiredness is kicking in as I find myself in the Common Room at 7AM trying to get some work done.I’m so tired, I even tried spreading butter on my toast with a spoon and stirring my coffee with a knife (true story). I’m suddenly regretting daydreaming.

After a day in the Common Room I realised how unprepared I was. The people at the Common Rooms are real warriors armed with jars of coffee and sugar, plug extensions, blankets, endless supplies of Red Bull and take away numbers on speed dial. So this morning I came prepared with my own coffee, thermos mug (with #CoffeeAddict written on it), and copious amounts of can-held taurine and panadols.

Let the day begin. Cue snaps with #StuDYING written on them. Guilty as charged.



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