A New Year’s Resolution

Repeat after me: “This year, I’ll pay more for fuel”.

With the gaping hole left in our cabinet by dear Konrad still t unfilled, it is difficult for one to find a name to weave into a chorus of creative swears to let out our aggression at the latest rise in fuel prices (though) Joseph is a good contender. As if driving in Malta wasn’t enough of a pain in the arse as it is with people forgetting to use those magical sticks around the steering to show us where they intend to go, and with streets resembling Syria, the cherry on top of the cake is overpaying for fuel.

What amazes me is how people still up and defend the people who make us pay some of the heftiest prices for fuel in the EU. It was a lovely eight months since March 2016, where the price for fuel did the exact opposite as it did today (dropped 4c for Unleaded). During these eight months we were still paying too much for our fuel, but it was a lovely publicity stunt.

Though it is factual that the prices for fuel are cheaper than they were, say five years ago, it is also important to note that we were still recovering from a recession back then. What infuriates me isn’t the fact that fuel prices have risen, but the fact that we were promised that they wouldn’t. I do wish I had the shortsightedness to believe politicians blindly, the people who do sure seem to think they’re smarter than me.


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