Procrastination Nation

As pressure builds up from a concoction of assignments left till the last minute, and lectures spent daydreaming, I find myself doing the logical thing and posting here. I’ve always been taught to face my problems, and I intend to do so by procrastinating and whinging. So as that coffee I made myself a half hour ago as motivation to work turns cold, I find myself thinking of all my woes (self-pity is the key to being a functioning member of society, I promise). Though most of my worries are centered around ink-less pens and sticky notes which don’t stick, I come to think of the tertiary education system in Malta, and the way it is duly criticised.

The glory of the Law is long gone, with the honeymoon period ending somewhere between writing a fully fledged essay about the library and downing a jar of Nutella during a particular all-nighter. Though I was aware that law is no Harvey Specter-esque stroll in the park, I am still amazed by the sheer bureaucracy present in the course. After spending two years in the school-shaped-toilet which is JC, I expected the system at the actual University to be better. A month into the course, we were even made to show physical evidence of our A-Level marks (got mine inked on my lower thigh personally), bearing in mind that MATSEC gave us those marks in the first place. In brief, we were showing the University of Malta, what the University of Malta gave us. Charming.

Then come the wonderful people working at the offices in the faculties. I am yet to get over the wave of apathy which hits you as you step into the offices. The pinnacle of this farce would have to be certain lecturers. Yes every course has those lecturers. You know the ones. Those who can’t function a microphone, or just hold it up without realising it’s turned off.  The ones who couldn’t teach to save the lives of a pack of kittens (the monsters), and resort to reading off the most ill-coloured PowerPoint known to  man. The technophobic lecturers who refuse to answer emails and carry around ten books at a time are also somewhere to be found within the ranks.

With due dates for assignments being changed without forewarning, and Turnitin submission pages being opened a couple of days before the due date, I do wonder if there should be a performance evaluation on most departments. What we need is a cull.



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